Welcome to the Ipswich and District Badminton League

The League, formed in 1947 is based in and around Ipswich and currently provides competitive badminton for 22 clubs in the area. The badminton season starts in September and ends in March. Some clubs do, however continue to play socially throughout the summer months.

Due to Pandemic the 21/22 season has had a delayed start. The stackings have now been published and can be found on the Results tab. We have also relaxed some of the rules to enable as many clubs to continue to play league badminton, these are detailed below


  1. Clubs will not need to nominate any teams for the 21/22 season -
    1. This means Clubs will be allowed to flex players up and down teams as necessary with no limit - the priority is to play matches with full teams.
    2. We all agreed clubs to act in a spirit of excellent sportsmanship and not abuse this relaxation.
  2. Rule Suspensions
    1. Rule 8a - The second sentence is suspended for 21/22 Season.
    2. Rule 8b - there will be no penalty points awarded for "playing short" or failing to play a match
      1. As stated above we all agreed clubs to act in a spirit of sportsmanship and not abuse this relaxation.
    3. Rule 8c - Will have no impact this year as no penalty points will be awarded.
    4. Rule 8e - For this season only matches may be arranged to be played right through to end of April if required.
    5. Rule 14 - All of Rule 14 is suspended for the 21/22 season
  3. At the end of the 21/22 season trophies will be awarded but for the season 22/23 will revert to be based on the agreed finishing places from the 19/20 season.
As ever the committee will monitor the progress of the season and matches and in the event of any issues, we will work with the individual clubs concerned.

The committee have also checked and approved the attached stackings so the match secretaries should now proceed with arranging the fixtures. You will note that 16 teams have been withdrawn, 5 Ladies, 8 Men's and 3 Mixed teams, but there has been one new Men's team entered giving a net loss of 15 teams compare to the last season played. As a result, the stackings consist of:-
  • 5 Mixed Divisions each of 6 teams
  • 6 Men's Divisions, 2 of 7 teams and 4 of 6 teams
  • 2 Ladies Divisions, 1 of 7 teams and 1 of 6 teams





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