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First of all, it’s good to see you all here in person.

I can’t really add to Glenn’s report regarding the 20/21 season that didn’t happen – he’s said it all.

However, there are thanks due to many people – Glenn of course, as well as Adam and the rest of the Committee. Also, the officers and members of the Clubs – most of you will have had similar experiences of difficulties, financial or otherwise, and uncertainties regarding venues, memberships and so on, so thank you that you have kept going.

Glenn expressed the League’s condolences on the death of Neal Pearsons, and I am aware that others of you will have had sad news of people known to you. Hopefully things are improving overall although caution and common sense are still needed in many areas.

The next Item on the agenda is the election of Officers and Committee members for 21/22 (slight time lapse on the agenda – although at times it might feel like we are going backwards ….). So, at this point I’m saying thank you to Jo Poole who stepped down early last season after 8 years on the Committee, and Richard Suttle who is now standing down after 9 years.

And with a total of 22 years’ service to the IDBL, including considerable help with archiving League material, Derek Savory is retiring and as well as thanking him and recognising in particular his role in running the Junior tournaments for some twenty years, I should like him to come forward for a small presentation, which he can share with his wife Cindy, who has also helped with the Junior events and was happy to provide refreshments for Committee meetings when held at their home.

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