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Previous Years results are available here

The league tables are updated on a regular basis, but please remember that we can only publish results once they have been submitted to the league secretary and verified.

The quicker you return your scorecard the quicker the results can be updated.

Email submission of IDBL Scorecards

At the end of each match the home team captain will still be required to complete the scorecard as normal. Both captains still need to sign the card.

Once card is signed and agreed the home team captain should photograph the scorecard using their smartphone.

Photograph must be:-

Landscape orientation

Using the highest resolution possible.

Include the whole card

Clearly focused

Once photographed the image should be sent to

This is a dedicated email address for the scorecards only!

You will receive an automated receipt once the server receives the scorecard keep this it could be useful if something goes wrong further down the line.

The same rules will still apply to late scorecards and incorrect scorecards.

If any photographs are unreadable I will ask for the original to be posted to me, so they need to be kept until the end of the season and all league tables ratified.






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